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IBM i Disaster Recovery

With the increasing number of natural disasters and cyber-attacks, it has never been more important for companies to protect their business-critical data. IT has become essential for organizations to safeguard against data loss. iTech Solutions Group offers a multitude of Disaster Recovery plans that help companies do just that. Whether organizations are looking to implement their own Disaster Recovery sites, test their recovery process, safely store data in a secure, cloud-based data center, or use the iTech Solution’s cloud for Disaster Recovery/IBM i High Availability, iTech has the solution.

iTech Solutions offers IBM i Disaster Recovery Planning and Installation Services

Based on IBM Power Systems, iTech’s team is equipped with the certifications and experience to help businesses design, build, and implement off-site DR locations. It doesn’t matter if you have a second site, or if you’re using iTech Solution’s cloud services, iTech Solutions has your Disaster Recovery needs covered. iTech also provides IBM i  High Availability and disaster recovery services that allow companies to replicate data between multiple sites, ensuring that data is always safely stored.

Disaster Recovery Facilities

For companies that wish to avoid the upfront investment of a second system, iTech has also designed and built a world-class, data center that utilizes cloud technologies to deliver a secure Disaster Recovery solution. For one fixed monthly payment, companies can gain peace of mind.

Complete with 24x7x365 monitoring and support, iTech completely manages a client’s business-critical data. Our IBM i High Availability/Disaster Recovery offerings provide peace of mind restorations of your systems to avoid catastrophe. The skills of our experts augment your staff to ensure systems can be restored in the event of a disaster. iTech Solution experts even monitor and manage replication environments, providing organizations with fully-managed backup environments with minimal effort.

iTech’s wide range of Disaster Recovery solutions are designed to fit the most specific client needs and budgets.


“So glad I found iTech Solutions. It was clear from the beginning of our Version and Hardware upgrades that these guys know their stuff. Truly the best experience I have had in many years. They are my new go to resource for all my iSeries needs.”

Deb Zorawowicz | Coca Cola of Northern
New England

“iTech has exceeded our expectations in every engagement with Geiger. Most recently, iTech helped guide us to the right decision that has improved our productivity and while being nearly fiscally neutral. The planning, installation, and execution of our new IBM Power System was flawless and unlike experiences we had with previous vendors. I wish every technology partner we worked with was as helpful and as capable as iTech has been.”

Dale Denham | CIO. Geiger