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IBM i Managed Services

iTech Solutions’ Certified Administrators Can Remotely Monitor Your IBM i Environments 24 X 7 X 365 and React to Critical Errors in Real Time, Allowing Your IT Staff to Focus on Activities That Help Drive Business

Proper configuration and tuning of these components will enable your business to maximize the computing value of each system, protect prior investments in technology, and position your organization for growth. iTech Solutions is uniquely qualified to assist our customers with simple or complex challenges in all your technology environments. Our IBM-certified sales and technical consultants are focused on offering our customers a business solution comprised of hardware, software, implementation services, financing alternatives, and on-site and remote support services to ensure customer satisfaction and success. All of our System Administrators have over 20 years of experience working on IBM i. Their roles have ranged from System Administrators, hardware installers, and the management of IBM i environments. We are a leader in our field, recognized by our peers and our customers as such. We are certified in both Vision MIMIX and Maxava for replication and high availability, and have been working with these products for over 7 years. Our customizable IBM i Managed Service and support options include:

  • System Monitoring and Support Services – iTech Solutions will monitor your systems remotely, 365 days a year.
  • System Capacity Management Monitoring – iTech Solutions will monitor your systems processor, memory, and disk utilization, alerting you to critical thresholds.
  • System Performance Tuning Monitoring – We will provide a continuous System Health and Performance Check, and a semi-annual review to report on the statuses of systems.
  • Systems Administration Services – iTech Solutions will provide 24x7x365 systems administrative support, diagnostic evaluation, and will provide either direct resolution or escalation support for system error and/or hardware error occurrences.
  • Monthly Conference Calls – Once-a-month conference call with the iTech Solutions team to report on the statuses of systems, issues, and future plans.
  • Monthly Status Reports – iTech Solutions will provide a monthly written status report summarizing the previous month’s activity.
  • Individual Program Temporary Fixes (PTF) Installation (As Needed) – iTech will provide services to solve identified problems and apply fixes.
  • Annual IBM Future Directions Executive Briefing – iTech will provide a Future Directions Executive Briefing on an annual basis to discuss direction for IT improvements within the next year.


“So glad I found iTech Solutions. It was clear from the beginning of our Version and Hardware upgrades that these guys know their stuff. Truly the best experience I have had in many years. They are my new go to resource for all my iSeries needs.”

Deb Zorawowicz | Coca Cola of Northern
New England

“iTech has exceeded our expectations in every engagement with Geiger. Most recently, iTech helped guide us to the right decision that has improved our productivity and while being nearly fiscally neutral. The planning, installation, and execution of our new IBM Power System was flawless and unlike experiences we had with previous vendors. I wish every technology partner we worked with was as helpful and as capable as iTech has been.”

Dale Denham | CIO. Geiger