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Virtual Tape Libraries

With the Ever-Rising Amounts of Data Being Produced, Companies Must Utilize More Efficient Storage Systems. iTech Solutions Can Help Select a VTL That Meets Your Needs

More and more organizations are discovering the advantages of Virtual Tape Library (VTL) solutions for their legacy tape storage systems.

iTech’s Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL) Offerings Provide Reliable, Fast, and Local Backup and Data Restoration

With VTL technologies, companies can support multiple backup environments and systems utilizing the repository function of the Operating System. By implementing multiple VTLs, organizations can replicate tape images between them. This allows companies to perform remote restores.

VTL helps companies:

  • Significantly reduce tape handling costs
  • Cut offsite storage costs
  • Decrease backup windows
  • Shrink data restoration
  • Centralize and improve storage performance
  • Support multiple backup environments with one device

Tape Encryption

Second to efficiently storing data is protecting it. iTech Solutions assists businesses in setting up encryption for tapes so personal data, including Social Security numbers, credit cards, and medical records are safe. iTech Solutions can also implement IBM’s award-winning TKLM encryption, which meets various legal standards, including PCI and HIPAA.


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