Transferring Files Using IBM i Access Client Solutions

Steven McIver

Moving files between IBM i systems can sometimes be a cumbersome task, but a feature added to IBM i Access Client Solutions in recent versions allows you to transfer files from a single system to multiple systems. The main requirement is that you have to have IBM i NetServer started on the source system and all the target systems of the transfer.

Status of IBM i NetServer in Navigator for i.

This feature can be found in the Integrated File System function under General tasks.














Let’s say you have a save file on one of your systems that you would like to move to two other systems in your network. First, you’ll need to navigate to the directory where the save file is stored. In my example I will be moving a save file named SENDAWAY that is stored in my personal library – STEVENLIB. To navigate to that library within Integrated File System, I need to specify /qsys.lib/stevenlib.lib as the directory name and then press Enter.

Traditionally with save files, a save file of the same name needed to exist on the target side of the transfer in order for it to be transferred properly. When transferring from the Integrated File System (as is the case here) you do not need to create the save file on the target side ahead of time. To start the process of sending this file to your other systems, right-click on the file and select Send…

Inside the Send window it tells me what objects are going to be sent, and then it has a list of possible destinations, which is every system I have configured in IBM i Access Client Solutions. I can choose my two systems I want to send the file to by using Control+left-click to select multiple systems from the list. Then I simply click OK at the bottom of the window. In the Messages section at the bottom of the window, you can see the status of the transfers.

Example of selecting multiple systems.
Message log of the file transfer.

If you keep the same username and password across these systems, make sure to configure your sessions to use shared credentials. This will keep you from having to sign in to each individual system. If you have set up single sign-on for your systems and use Kerberos authentication, this will allow you to transfer unprompted as well.

The ability to send files is a great addition to the utilities inside of IBM i Access Client Solutions. Always be aware of the storage available on your target systems when transferring! Hope you give it a try, and maybe it can make some of your transfers a little less tedious.

3 thoughts on “Transferring Files Using IBM i Access Client Solutions”

  1. hi I have the netsever started on both hosts and I get this error.

    permission denied: /Qfilesvr.400/TILDES2: access to request was denied

    1. Steven McIver

      Check in Navigator for i to make absolutely sure that IBM i NetServer is started. Then make sure that the user profile is not disabled in NetServer, and that you have permissions to the file you’re moving and the directory you’ve moving to.

  2. hello Steven,

    I did what he told me and I don’t have a user blocked in the netserver. the netserver is currently active. The user I am using is an administrator.


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