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Save Time When Uploading a SAVF

It seems like every piece of documentation I’ve seen regarding uploading a save file (SAVF) to an IBM i partition, the instructions call for the creation of an empty SAVF in advance before the FTP transfer. You don’t need to do this! Save yourself the trouble and do it the fast way.

All you need to do is transfer it to QSYS file system through namefmt 1 (or naming format 1), or more specifically the IFS equivalent of the QSYS location.

If you wanted to put a save file called myfile.savf in QGPL, your FTP put command would look like this:

Put myfile.savf /QSYS.LIB/QGPL.LIB/myfile.savf


“I would like to thank you for the excellent job in both facilitating the order, installation, and migration to the new 8202-E4D. Everyone here at Major League Baseball was extremely pleased in how well the installation went, and the migration from the old systems to the new system. We have noticed a nice increase in performance, while reducing our foot print in the datacenter. Again, thanks for all your efforts in the installation. Looking forward to working together in the future.”

Mike Darcy | Senior Analyst | Major League Baseball