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Security Related System Values

A good extra level of protection is to lock down system values for security. Those system values should only be changed after careful consideration. For instance, moving from QPWDLVL 0 to 2 or QSECURITY from 20 to 40 shouldn’t be taken lightly. Doing the following will prevent a user from changing these values on a whim.

If you go into System Service Tools you can take option 7 to work with system security. Change Allow System Value Security Changes to 2. This will prevent the change of any security system value no matter your authority. You’ll need to go back into SST to unlock those values before they’re allowed to be changed.


“I would like to thank you for the excellent job in both facilitating the order, installation, and migration to the new 8202-E4D. Everyone here at Major League Baseball was extremely pleased in how well the installation went, and the migration from the old systems to the new system. We have noticed a nice increase in performance, while reducing our foot print in the datacenter. Again, thanks for all your efforts in the installation. Looking forward to working together in the future.”

Mike Darcy | Senior Analyst | Major League Baseball